What's VotePower?

VotePower is your voting currency on Turbosrc. Think of one VotePower as one vote that you can cast on pull requests for a repository. So, if you have 100,000 VotePower, that's 100,000 votes you can use to decide whether to merge or close the pull request. Each new repository on Turbosrc starts with 1 million VotePower.

How do I get on Turbosrc?

Getting started is easy. Just download the Turbosrc web extension here and sign up. Then, go to your project's Github page, open the Turbosrc web extension, and you'll be able to add your project to Turbosrc or interact with projects already on it.

Can I use VotePower from one project on another?

No, VotePower is specific to each project. So, you might have a lot of VotePower in one project, and none in another.

How do I get VotePower?

The best way to get VotePower is to be an active member of a project's community. Project maintainers are encouraged to distribute VotePower to contributors based on their involvement and the quality of their contributions, as well as to sponsors who heavily rely on the project.

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Why should I want VotePower?

Having VotePower in a project means that you get a say in whether pull requests get merged or closed. The more VotePower you have, the bigger your influence. You can earn VotePower by contributing to the project and being recognized for your work.

Can someone take away my VotePower?

Absolutely not. Once VotePower is given to you, it's yours. You can use it to vote on pull requests, or transfer it to other contributors or interested parties. It's entirely up to you.

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What's the difference between a maintainer and contributor on Turbosrc?

As a maintainer, you're the one who brings a project to Turbosrc. You start with all the VotePower and can distribute it as you see fit to contributors. Once you allocate VotePower, you can't take it back. If a user violates the network's terms of service and is removed, their VotePower is shared among the remaining contributors, including yourself.

Why should I put my project on Turbosrc?

Putting your project on Turbosrc allows you to distribute VotePower among contributors, who can then vote on pull requests. It's a great way to make sure changes to the codebase involve the whole community. Plus, it's a fantastic platform for open-source sharing and collaboration.

Are forks allowed on Turbosrc? Can I get a project removed that forked mine?

Yes, forks are allowed. After all, open source is all about sharing code! You can't remove a forked project on Turbosrc, just as you can't on Github. But remember, the value of a project is based on the usefulness of the code and the community, so it's rare for forks to become more popular than the original.

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