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VotePower gives you a vote on what code goes in or out of an open source project that’s on Turbosrc - merge or close pull requests. VotePower can vary user to user.

Each project has separate VotePower that only works on their pull requests respectively.

VotePower is yours forever once you get it. You can even redistribute it to others.

Get VotePower


Put your Github project on Turbosrc and issue VotePower. Transfer as much or as little VotePower to your contributors or stakeholders as you want.

Democratize decisions on pull request merges or keep VotePower concentrated between yourself and core contributors.

Scale and automate development by driving code contribution and merges collectively at your comfort level.

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Turbosrc works on the entire Git line of code hosts

Available now for Github

Web extension

It uses a cross-platform identifier for pull requests

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Available soon on git-cli, Gitlab and Codeberg projects.

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